LJ Images Photography | Studio Rental





Are you a photographer needing to rent studio space or wardrobe?


If yes then maybe we can help you!


Rent our studio for:

$25 for 1 hour

$40 for 2 hours

$60 for 3-4 hours



Wardrobe Rental

Rent 1 set of clothes for 1 hr $25


Example set =

Top / Bottom / Shoes / Necklace / Ring /Bracelet


Dress / Shoes / Necklace / Ring / Bracelet



Usables are items such as stocking, panties, basic bras, lingerie

Usables are available for sale, not rental



If you damage wardrobe items you will be responsible for

the full replacement price of that item!


Wardrobe items make not be soaked or submerged in water.



Contact us for more information