First contact us to set up your session date or time  

Call or text (919) 734-0104 or email [email protected]

Next, pay your deposit to confirm your appointment. 




Once you set up your photo/video session you will need to pay for your portrait session to confirm your appointment.  Please use the links below to pay for these.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  You are allowed to reschedule a session one time with no penalty if more than 3 days notice is given. 





Payment Options
Session Date and Time
Session Location





Telephone and Text Consultations are are free for up to 15 minutes.


To arrange a face to face consultation session just call or email us.  Phone and text consultations are free. 


The cost for a face to face consultation is $99 and the session is up to 60 minutes. 

It can be done at the studio, your home, or another location you may desire.  

After calling to set up a face to face consultation and confirming  the date you use the link below to pay the consultation fee.


Pay $99 Consultation Fee, Pick $99 option

Date/Time of Consultation