Workshops and Private Classes

Photography Workshops by LJ Images Photography!

Goldsboro / Mt Olive / Fayetteville/ Raleigh 


Taught by a Certified Professional Photographer 

Boost your portfolio 

Learn new skills


Learn lighting and posing








We offer 1:1 basic through advanced classes in photography.

Classes are:




Some of the modules are:

Understanding your point and shoot camera

Understanding your DSLR camera

The ABC'c of exposure

Composition for successful shots

Mastering Aperature Priority (AV) mode

Mastering Shutter Priority (TV) mode

ISO for success

Studio Strobes 101

Strobes on location

Off camera speedlights

What to do with that reflector

How to use studio backgrounds

High Key 103

Low Key 110

Let's go macro!

Sports Photography 210

Basic Photoshop Editing

Basic Glamour Editing

Shooting for HDR

How to work with models