I am frequently contacted by upcoming models about TFP shoots.

TFP means "Time For Prints" as the model is tradinging her time modeling for the photographers time taking and editing photos and giving her prints or downloadable images.  The photographer is trading his photographic skill and time for the models time and modeling talent to get images that he uses for whatever is agreed upon.  Normally the model signs a full commercial release.  No money is exchanged.

I still do a limited amount of TFP shoots.  I will look at photos of you and decide if I have a project or need that your look and build fit that would benefit me doing a TFP shoot.

1)  I personally always pay every model I agree to to a TFP shoot for me.  So I do TFP plus pay or plus travel pay.

2)  I only do TFP if you can do your own hair and makeup or have it done before you come.

3)  If you want hair and makeup done by my staff for TFP you have to pay them for that.  (Normally $50 to $75.)

4)  If I don't know you there is a $20 paypal deposit to schedule a TFP shoot that you get back when you show up so you are not wasting my time and causing me money. 


If you don't know how to do your own makeup.  Go to your local mall at Belk to the Clinique counter and schedule a 1:1 makeup class.  It is only around $50 and they will teach you!


If you want to see if I will do TFP with you Just contact me and ask and we will go from there.


Models have asked me how come a photographer will do TFP shoots with some models and not others?




The question was why would some photographers shoot some models for free but charge you to shoot. There are so many possible reasons. Here are some I can think of:

1) They just personally like something about those other models. It can be something artistic in their features or just what they find attractive.
2) The other models may seem to have more experience.
3) The other models may do their own hair and makeup.
4) The other models may fit a certain look for a project or theme they are working on.
5) The photographer may have looked at poses they see the other models in and think they know how to pose well and will be easy to work with.
6) Other models may offer to provide their own wardrobe and props.
7) The other models could be friends of friends.
8) Some photographers do limited amounts of TFP and charge for the rest and they happen get a TFP spot.

Many photographers believe that if a model approaches them to shoot that the model should pay them but if they approach a model that is should be TFP or they pay the model.

When looking for TFP shoots don't take it personally where a photographer shoots someone for free then wants to charge you. Just keep networking and doing what you do and work with other photographers that will help you out.

These are things I am just throwing out there because I don't know them and I don't know you.

Hope it helps some.

Sometimes models ask me what they can do to get more photographers to do TFP shoots with them
I tell them.
1) Learn to do your own hair well.
2) Learn to do your own makeup well.
3) Learn to flow pose well.
4) Offer wardrobe for shoots.
5) Show those photos of banging hair and makeup in beautiful poses.
6) Make sure prospective photographers know you can do this and see it.
7) A model that does the above is a gold mine for a new photographer building a portfolio as well as a prize for an established photographer.